This semester, I’m producing an album called CREATIVE CONTROL, featuring the vocal talents of the Bi-College community. I have been writing and producing music since the 8th Grade. I have worked with some major artists and record labels during my time but after coming to college, my music has fallen second to my work and it feels like I’ve lost my creativity. In order for me to stay sane and not totally lose everything that I have worked for, I had to figure out a way to incorporate myself, my past achievements, and my future goals into the Haverford community.

With this project, I plan to prove that it is possible for musically talented people to flourish on this campus without playing an instrument or singing in a choir. I would like to open the doors for the students that are not classically trained and are vocally challenged and show them that it is still possible to add to the Haverford music dynamic. I believe that with the right music and right songs, any of the a capella singers in the Bi-Co can sound like stars.

With help from The Student Arts Fund, Jason McGraw, and the Academix Committee, the release of this project in April will coincide with this year’s Academix panel and concert, which will focus on student-artists’ roles and challenges with balancing school and creativity.

- Howard Brown ’12