Allow me to…Explain :)

Even though we’re only a couple of weeks into the Summer, I have been pretty busy. I started an independent record label named Dorm Room 313, so I can capitalize off of all my ventures…whether it be writing songs or making them.

Since I loved the Creative Control process and project so much, I figured I might as well keep doing it but this time on my own. So, I signed myself.

I created a venture between myself and two other producers, The Draft Picks, whom will be helping me with production from here on out. Thus, Gabriel Stark was born.

I know there’s been a lot of confusion. A lot of, “whose Gabriel Stark?” or “what is it?”. Long story short, GABRIEL STARK IS ME!!!

After being influenced by other bi-co music success stories like Post Post, I figured I might as well give this music thing a shot too. Therefore, even though Gabriel Stark is NOT Haver-related (in the Creative Control sense), you guys should still support the movement. It’ll be more me and less a capella. But on the bright side, I WILL be doing a follow up to Creative Control this year.


All new Gabriel Stark music will be released on either my myspace page ( or my facebook. Definitely join both!!! and All Creative Control type stuff will be on here!!!


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