It’s Ain”t Over Yet!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed the Creative Control process/journey.

It was definitely a fun one that allowed for me to learn new things about myself and the talents of my peers.

Numbers wise, we got thousands of hits to the blog after the release and it was a HUGE success, so


Luckily, after the ending of Creative Control, I continued to record. I recorded 8 more tracks. Some of which are songs that didn’t make the project, for one reason or another, and some were just new songs that I wanted to get out to the world.

Since I didn’t produce this one by myself, I decided to go with a different name and kind of give everything a new look, feel, and sound.


The new project is called THROUGH THE CLOUDS by Gabriel Stark (which consists of me and my production team, The Draft Picks)

Long story short: I will be releasing music all Summer and releasing the project at the end of August, when school starts!!!!

So stay tuned!!!!

You can get the tracks here or at

And if you do twitter, it’s



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