Independence day questions

in Mexico City

Last night we celebrated independence day. We walked to Delegación Cuauhtemoc (the municipal gov’t building), pushing past swaths of people bathed in green white and red, kids begging their parents for sweets and adults slyly swigging from bottles. The delegation’s plaza was packed and pulsing to the rhythm of the salsa and cumbia music, bodies […]

Getting Started in the City of Pearls

in India

First blog post. I had something in my head in the last hour before touching down in Pune, a possible blog post, which I’ll relate a little bit before explaining what happened to it and to me. It was about how a protestant work ethic might not make sense in India and how an Indian […]

Beginnings: life at the casa, life in DF

in Mexico City
Making tamales

Hey! My name is Siena and I am the new CPGC post-bac fellow who will be working at Casa de los Amigos in Mexico City. I am replacing Kate Irick, who in addition to making an incredible impact on the casa community and getting involved in lots of cool stuff in DF also happened to […]

The End of an Era (But Not Really)

in Mexico City
taller comercio justo

Fast forward 10 days. Mara left. I spent the last week and a half knocked flat by a merciless full-body cold that started with a crippling fever and is still hanging on by a few coughs. Some would say I had it coming. There are many expressions for this–I was burning the candle at both […]

Everything I’ve Got

in Mexico City

Really? Just two weeks left of my Fellowship? I’ve put everything I’ve got–heart, soul, body–into work the last couple of weeks. It’s been intense, but as always, so incredibly worth it. This week I dedicated a large chunk of my time to writing the Summer edition of the monthly Casa newsletter, which includes publicity about […]

Four Days in Paradise (And How Work Followed Me There)

in Mexico City

This past week Mara and I went to Mazunte, Oaxaca, for a short but replenishing visit to the beach. The landscape of this quiet town is rocky coast surrounding a small inlet with a few small restaurants and hostel type accommodations. Within the first couple hours on the beach, just after ordering breakfast, I see a […]

Re: [Grabadoras]

in Mexico City

This last week I was obsessively working to finish a linocut to participate in the National Female Street Art and Graffiti Festival in Juárez next month. (Part of the rush was the fact that tomorrow I’m leaving for vacation on the Oaxacan coast.) I still don’t know if I’ll be going to Juárez or not, but […]

Block Prints, Block Heads and Artist’s Block

in Mexico City

There have been a series of difficult and tense situations in the Casa in the last couple of weeks. Mike blamed goblins, but I think that explanation, unfortunately, dismisses the very human agency behind the violence and malice at play here. I can’t really get into details for reasons of security and confidentiality, but I’m impressed by how we’ve responded as a […]

June Brings Rainstorms and New Volunteers

in Mexico City

It’s been hard to keep up with everything going on around here. As always, the Casa is full of an eclectic mix of people (Below: Guest Bill Gosnell teaching juggling in the reception). Volunteers are coming and going,  and it’s like overnight I’ve been converted into a veteran member of the team. We have guests […]