These layers of concrete are not everything

in Mexico City

I love plants. They force me to take notice of the small things. I grow plants because I love how slowly they change. It helps me to slow down too. To appreciate the way the sun comes out each day and every time the clouds open and give back the water they were holding. Growing plants in this city is like breathing, […]

Bagel workshop! YUMMMM

in Mexico City

Our lovely volunteer Solomon led his second food-related workshop on Thursday evening! BAGELS! THE BEST BREAD IN THE WORLD! Fifteen of us crowded in the guest kitchen and learned about the elaborate bagel making process. Water, honey, yeast, eggs, flour, rise, roll, shape, rise, boil, dry, dip, oil, bake, eat. I felt like the workshop […]

Feria del Maíz: La Resistencia!

in Mexico City

Last weekend we traveled to the farming community of Vicente Guerrero in the state of Tlaxcala, the smallest state in Mexico, for the 18th annual Feria del Maíz! Vicente Guerrero is one of the campesino communities in Tlaxcala leading the fight to maintain native seeds and traditional sustainable farming methods and to eradicate GMO seeds […]

The Casa is an Experiment

in Mexico City

Casa de los Amigos is an experiment with the possibility of creating of an international center for peace. It is the Casa’s priority to bring together people from all over the world, from entirely different contexts and cultures, and create a space where these realities can coexist respectfully, thus building mutual understanding. It is no […]


in Mexico City

BIKES! I LOVE BIKES! They come in all different shapes and sizes Breaks and no breaks. Gears and no gears. Purple, tandem, red, black n gold. Mine happens to be a green 80s cruiser. On my street I see fruit on bikes, mattresses on bikes, bikes carrying big jugs of water, tamales and trash. BABIES […]

Huerto Romita

in Mexico City

A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit Huerto Romita, an urban gardening project in the heart of Mexico City. Romita is one of the smallest neighborhoods in the city located just above Roma Norte. Tucked back through a few winding streets sits a small old chuch, a plaza, a tortilleria and an urban […]

Update: Christmas, contamination and other stuff

in Mexico City

It has been a while since I have written and so much has happened…. The holidays at the Casa were spent running around. We hosted two posadas at the Casa, one for the Spanish class for refugees and one for the entire Casa community. The posada is a traditional gathering of neighbors and friends. Across […]

Some pictures

in Mexico City

Each parent of a disappeared student was there on stage holding the frame of their child. It is now almost the holidays, students are out of school, and everyone in the government is hoping the consumer frenzy will wash away the exposing truths and the energy of resistance.

The Feast of Michael, A Useful Cycle

in India

I’m writing this from a good restaurant (though typing it up from my usual spot on the balcony outside my room) where I go sometimes on the weekends. It’s pretty fancy and they treat me like a one-percenter, but the alternative is going to a tucked-away little place where the protocols are unclear, there are […]