Don’t “Click Here”

From time to time the Web Communications crew will receive content updates for a website containing the words “click here.” When this happens, we take a closer look at the content and do our best to craft links in keeping with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Curious as to why “click here” is considered bad practice?

  • Persons using assistive technology to access your site (such as a screen reader) are able to tab from link to link. All they would hear is “link click here” over and over again. Taken out of context “click here” is meaningless. As an added fail, this context issue also applies to the robots powering your favorite search engine.
  • The destination of “here” offers no explanation of where you’re actually sending someone. Good links help users get to their desired destination quickly.
  • “Click” puts too much focus on mouse mechanics. For example, someone using a smartphone won’t be clicking at all—they’ll be touching.