Folder Facelift

One of the most exciting pieces of mail a person can receive is their official admission to Haverford College.  Many of these students have terrific choices, so we want to do all we can to maximize the impact of our ‘admitted student’ folder.


The new folder is on the left. The old folder, which has been in use for a few years, is on the right.

The previous folder design was clean and attractive.  But for the new design, I chose a similar photo with students in the shot, and I opted to zoom in for a more intimate scene. The trees in the foreground call to mind our lovely arboretum campus, and the orangey yellow tinge to the leaves warms up the shot considerably. Other design choices included framing the photo in our signature color and putting the Haverford College word mark front and center.



My goal for the inside of the new folder was to help students to picture themselves on our campus in the fall. I chose to blow up a photo of students walking in front of the Lloyd dormitories because it captures the feel of our campus. The fall foliage also plays nicely with our Haverford red, with a warm and inviting effect.



The vertical pocket is an unexpected detail that allows us to appropriately highlight the Honor Code. Internal page text was tightened. The clean design and evenly stacked pages convey as sense of order while being manageable from a practical standpoint.  I chose to print them on a lighter weight paper instead of cardstock so that they lend themselves to being stuck to the refrigerator with magnets or pinned to a cork board near a calendar.