Signs, signs, everywhere signs…

By July, the U.S. Open’s “tent city,” down by the playing fields, will be a distant memory, but another change coming for the Open will be a longer-term one. Later this spring, brand new “Haverford College” signs will be placed around the entire perimeter of the campus, replacing the existing black metal ones that were installed in the mid-1980s.

The final product does not yet exist, but here’s a sneak preview of the “materials sample” made by our sign fabrication company.  The letters are raised, which should make for a dynamic look as the natural drop shadows reflect the sun’s movement across days and seasons:


This amusing sample currently resides in Chris Mills’ office, bringing a smile to the face of everyone who enters. But we in College Communications are smiling because we know this upgrade to the existing signage will more effectively announce the College to drivers and pedestrians along Haverford Road, College Avenue and Lancaster Avenue—whether they’re U.S. Open attendees, prospective students, alumni or our neighbors.