First “Full Week” in San Francisco

Welcome back Kayla Franceschi. 
Kayla will be updating us a few times this
summer on her exciting projects with MKThink.

We spent our entire month at Haverford compiling a spreadsheet of each room in every building on campus, what it was used for, and its square footage. We were able to finally get ahold of the floorplans for each building, the information for various event spaces on campus, the weather information for the entire campus, and the energy use for specific buildings. Our last day, we went around to take a few pictures of inefficiencies on campus. And so we took a walk through some obvious places:kayla1kayla2

Among other things, we found lots of wasted space, like this nice, big room filled with things that are not supposed to exist.


Having all of that, the three of us MKThink/Haverford interns flew on over to San Francisco to begin our first week.

The Office: 

This week is my first “full week” in San Francisco at MKThink. Because it’s a holiday weekend, we only work two days this week. The first day was an especially warm welcome. The CEO is a Haverford graduate, which probably explains the very friendly and open atmosphere of the office. We were introduced to everyone on the floor and given a cute cheat sheet with the layout of the office and everyone’s name/where they are sitting. We were invited to sit in on a few weekly meetings, where someone informed us that we would be taking a break in the middle of the day to eat food and watch the World Cup on the flat screen TV. (Score! Only not enough….). We’ve been spending these two days continuing to work on our spreadsheet, but it’s been going a lot more smoothly now that we are all in the same room. We’re excited to finish it up and get to analyzing the data/creating some visual guides to see how (in)effectively the spaces on campus are being used. Once we’re there, we’ll have a few goals to work towards.