My first few weeks…

The CCPA welcomes Madison Fuelling, HC ’15
to our Summer Blog Series!

My internship experience this summer thus far has been amazing! For the summer,
I am living on campus in the Haverford College Apartments, and I really enjoy living
with my friends and spending time outside relaxing. The proximity to the train
station is a requirement, as I commute to Center City every morning.
I have the pleasure of working in a small, non-profit company that is Haverford-
centric, as my boss, and two of the three employees are Haverford alums; Erik
Muther ’89, Debra Gilbert ’11, and Katherine Bigay ’12. photoThe company, Pennsylvania
Health Care Quality Alliance (PHCQA) works with collaborations across the state of
Pennsylvania to coordinate with different hospitals to discuss and implement new
ways of delivering higher quality health care. The employees are all very dedicated
to improving the quality of care in Pennsylvania, and we all work hard to produce
the best reports and analyses possible.

I really enjoy working for a small company, because even as an intern, I am given
projects to work on autonomously, and my work changes every day. My day-to-
day activities usually include data analysis and entry, as well as creating tables
and producing reports for the company. On lunch breaks, we talk about all things
Haverford-related, such as what the culture was like back in the 1980’s and how
the customs program has changed. My boss and coworkers take me around Center
City, finding cute little lunch and breakfast places, as well as good grocery stores and
good shopping! The environment is incredibly friendly and relaxed, very much like

I am also lucky in that even though I work for a small company, PHCQA is located in
the Independence Blue Cross building downtown. This allows me to socialize with
other interns that are interning for Independence. Some of the other interns and I
grab lunch together, go for coffee breaks, or chat in the elevators to check in with
one another about our summer experiences. I would highly recommend that anyone
who can interact with interns from other companies should, because being aware of
how other corporations function and run their summer programs and businesses is
going to help you later down the road as you’re applying for jobs, because you may
know what questions to ask from speaking with other people in other companies. It
is also nice to have more friends your own age that work near you so you can all go
out for Happy Hour after work or to Sips on Wednesdays.

So far, my experience with my Whitehead Internship has been amazing and I cannot
wait to see what other adventures I have!

Thanks for reading,
Madison Fuelling 2015