Challenging Freedoms?

Welcome Jasmin Palmer, to our 2014 summer blog series who will be
sharing her internship experiences with WIT Strategy this summer! 

When thinking about an office career, one can’t help but to think of being in a cubicle from 9-5, spending lots of time at a printer, and wearing business appropriate attire. I worked as a receptionist/operations intern in a large corporation one summer and the experience was brutal. I discovered that working in a corporate office at a desk all day was unbelievably draining. I would often leave work only to fall asleep once I got home. The days dragged and the weekends flew by far too fast! However, working with WIT Strategy I have experienced a very different style…

A somewhat unorthodox public relations firm, WIT Strategy assists companies who market and conduct business on the web. As of now, my job involves plenty of research and I’ve already learned so much about a sector I wasn’t even conscious of a few weeks ago. In fact, just getting accustomed to the jargon makes me feel like I’m learning another language altogether! Although I do spend a lot of time in an office, being at WIT allows me more freedom in terms of the style of work. However, it took me no time at all to realize that these freedoms could just as easily serve as obstacles.

For instance, one thing that I instantly liked about the internship is that the hours are flexible and the work is what you make it. A surprising challenge was establishing a schedule for myself and holding to it even when I wasn’t physically in the office. To establish that schedule, I asked around and got a few suggestions on which days would be best to come in. I also soon realized how difficult it can be to stop working when much of the work can be done remotely. The division between your business and personal life can definitely be a lot less defined here.

I even found that I had to adjust to WIT on an interpersonal level. Working in a small firm like this one means that you may be sitting next to partners and senior associates. As many of my experiences have been in business formal settings, it is still a little difficult adjusting to the informal atmosphere but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I take comfort in knowing that I can easily ask questions, solicit advice, and tell a joke to the same person giving me work to do. So far, working at WIT has been a welcome change of pace and I can’t wait to see what other things I’ll learn in the coming weeks. Being here and navigating these challenges, you will most certainly learn to show initiative, take care of tasks, and to do so without much supervision. It feels a lot like being at Haverford!