Interning with MKThink

Our CCPA Summer Blog series continues with 
Haverford student Kayla Franceschi. 
Kayla will be updating us a few times this
summer on her exciting projects with MKThink.

This summer I am interning with MKThink. They are working with the college to do an integrated assessment of the campus. As a result, my internship this summer consists of collecting information on each room on campus.

Most of the work we are doing consists of compiling all of the data into one excel spreadsheet. We need to go through the entire campus and catalogue every room. We need each room in each building and its square footage organized by building, floor, and room. Not only that, we need to make sure that this information is up to date. For example, it’s not helpful to have information on all four suites in the first four of Lunt when there are no longer four suites, there are three, and one awesome common space.

This has actually been a lot more fun than it sounds, because we’ve learned a bunch of funky details about the campus. For example, in our meeting with Don Campbell, he told us that Founder’s basement was actually built after Founder’s. The college hired workers to dig out a basement because they needed more space in Founder’s.

Once we’re done putting together the spreadsheet, we need to find information on how each room is used. We’ve already started to collect data about this from various people on campus.

For student spaces, we wanted to know who uses the space, when they use the space, how they use the space, and why they use the space. For example, a lot of a cappella groups use the campus center for practice because there aren’t many pianos on campus, and there certainly aren’t many rooms with pianos large enough to fit an a cappella group.

We’ve met with Jesse Lytle to learn more about the big projects the college is currently working on or hoping to accomplish in the near future. Some of these changes are already being made – we got an email earlier in the school year about renovations to Ryan Gym.

So many different people make the campus work, so it’s been great to see what it looks like when you put all the pieces together. I’m excited for the work to come and to see what else we learn through the process.