I’ve joined Linkedin! Now What?

Fords on Friday today focuses on everyone who was a part of our Linkedin campaign over the past few months. Thank you for joining Haverford College’s Official Career Connections group! Here in the CCPA we are so pleased with the turnout, and eager to help you maneuver this important resource.

Back in August we planned several initiatives to help students build their network early in their college careers.  Our alumni and our group on Linkedin are a big part of that effort.  

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.18.36 AM

Our goal was 500 students – a good, round number and one that seemed attainable. We are proud to announce that of the 1243 members of our Linkedin group, 553 are students. That’s 45% students and 55% alumni – a great ratio for networking. Of course, our iPad Mini contest helped! Congratulations to Haverford sophomore Sarah Madigan who was randomly selected as our winner.

So what now? We’ve gotten you onto Linkedin, but how should students use it? The first and most important thing is to put together your profile in a professional manner. Have questions about how to do that? Stop by the CCPA walk-in hours any day between 3:00-4:00 for some help, or check out these resources for assistance. Once you are ready to build your network, read this blog about using Linkedin effectively.

Don’t forget that the CCPA can take your profile photo for you anytime! Just give us a call and make sure that we are available when you plan to stop by. And of course, watch for future CCPA programs focusing on using Linkedin to build your network, explore careers and help in the internship and job search.