Finding a summer internship– with a little help from your friends


Introducing the *new* Haverford Internship Network!

Still searching for a summer internship? Good news– you have access to hundreds of summer opportunities through CareerConnect, the Liberal Arts Career NetWORK (LACN), and other industry specific listings on the CCPA’s Virtual Career Resources listed on the CCPA’s Internships & Externships page.  You can also gather advice from Haverford alumni via the Fords Directory and the Haverford and Bi-Co groups on Linkedin. These are all great resources for finding internship openings and advice for getting your application noticed.

But did you know that some of the best resources for figuring out which industries or employers might be a good fit for you, learning about what an intern actually does at a particular employer, and seeking advice for putting together the strongest application are fellow students who have already been through the process?

No, I’m not suggesting you hang out in front of the Dining Center passing out postcard size versions of your resume (although that would likely get you noticed.) I’m suggesting you talk with your friends and classmates, especially upper-classmen, who have been through the internship search process before, and ask them for advice.

The *new* Haverford Internship Network, a searchable database with over 100 current students who have volunteered to speak with other students about their internship, is a fantastic resource for connecting with other students who share your career interests. Search options include industry, major, yes, and locations. Keep in mind that while the volunteers are usually able to provide helpful information and advice, they are not expected to help you “get the job.”

To use this resource, go to  (Haverford login is required to gain access.)

And why the Beatles to start this blog? So far when I’ve looked at the database with a student and we scroll down the list of former interns who match his or her targeted search I hear, “Oh my gosh! That’s my friend!” Some of the most helpful internship search resources are closer than you think.

The CCPA extends a hearty “thank you” to all of the students who have signed up to be listed in the network.