Haverford Supporting Student Engagement in Summer Internships

While the cycle for internship deadlines runs from as early as late fall for some opportunities until as late as April or May for others, we are currently in the height of the internship application time. For good reason, many students are browsing our listings in CareerConnect, the consortium LACN database as well as other resources on the CCPA website. Additionally, students are reaching out to their personal networks, the Haverford alumni network and to organizations of interest directly to learn about and apply to opportunities to gain some exposure and experience, and hopefully some funds, over the coming summer. The CCPA Networking Guide and general tips can help with this essential outreach.

Internships are an extremely valuable way to test your existing interest in a field, experience just how your liberal arts does indeed contribute to a particular workplace setting, learn more about the workings of an organization, meet people who can help you to navigate entry into a field, and/or make a contribution to a cause or a need that is important to you. They also provide something interesting and stimulating to engage in over the summer months frequently relating or contributing to curricular or co-curricular activities. Internships are a win win experience all the way around.

Some internships are offered on a “volunteer” basis and many, if not most, students have a real need to collect some funds over the summer. The College embraces the value of the internship experience and recognizes the need for support to enable as many students financially to engage in these opportunities. To that end, this is also the season of application deadlines to the variety of College Sponsored Internship programs. The information available on the CCPA website outlines each of these programs providing some level of financial support for selected students’ summer internships. Take some time to read over the details of these funds, their requirements and deadlines which all are approaching soon! They support students in a breadth of experiences including but not limited to communications, social justice, the arts, business, entrepreneurial endeavors, health care, community service, science and technology, green initiatives, economic development, etc.

Positioned in our calendar to fall prior to most of the College funds’ deadlines is CCPA’s Not for Profit Career Fair on Friday, February 21, from 1 – 4 pm in Founders Hall. This is another opportunity to connect with employers to learn about their missions and career opportunities overall but also many of them are seeking interns for the coming summer. Come join us at the Fair!