Active student engagement in Career Services, the value of internships, and alumni partnerships… all themes in Radio Times broadcast on WHYY with President Dan Weiss

A wonderful discussion by President Dan Weiss and President Rebecca Chopp of Swarthmore College on the value and relevancy of a liberal arts education  was broadcast yesterday on Public Radio WHYY’s Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane. The theme of bridging the liberal arts experience at Haverford  to  post-graduate careers in the near and long-term underscores the critical mission of the Center for Career and Professional Advising.

Dan Weiss

Through such programs as the Sophomore Summer Success Seminar (4S) and our Professional Development Series, the CCPA is actively implementing career programming to engage Haverford students in the early stages of their college experience. The CCPA is also reaching out to faculty, Ford alumni, and employers to bring their perspectives to our collaborative career center model and programming. The economic and social landscape surrounding the modern workplace is changing at an ever increasing pace; in this environment, the liberal arts values, skills and perspectives of our Haverford graduates are needed more than ever. The CCPA embraces this mission and looks forward to hearing more from you in this blog about the value of a Haverford liberal arts education in your careers.