Fords on Friday with Allison Jones (’07): Want to further your career? Show gratitude. Always.

An excerpt from Allison’s blog 

Allison Jones ('07) writes a blog for Millennials who want careers that give back.

Alumni Guide Perspective with Allison Jones who writes a blog for Millennials who want careers that give back.

When it comes to career development, we often hear about the importance of finding a mentor. However, I have also realized that we receive support in a variety of ways, beyond the formal mentor-mentee relationship.

Perhaps it’s a friend who helps you think through challenges or someone at work who always has a great resource to share. We gain so much from these interactions, yet many times people don’t know they’ve affected us in such a positive way. This is because, while we feel the impact of their generosity, we might not feel the need to acknowledge it because it’s not a formal mentoring relationship where this kind of giving and gratitude are expected.

But in waiting for formal opportunities to receive support, we also limit how often we demonstrate gratitude. Thanking people for helping you, for being awesome, for giving their all, for showing up and showing out, for sharing a kind word, for letting you in, and for letting you be you is crucial for any relationship to truly thrive. When people are acknowledged for their generosity, not only are they are likely to keep giving, but also you, in encouraging them, have created a positive space for people to give and share freely all with the intention of helping each other grow.

So, think of someone who gave you something recently. Maybe it was a piece of helpful advice, an interesting article that made you think, or a seat at their table to talk through challenges you’re facing. Show you appreciate their generosity by doing any of the following:

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