Meet the Interns: Sofia


I’m Sofia- a senior intern in the Center for Career and Professional Advising. I am so excited to be a part of this new office and I want to take this space, my first post on the CCPA’s official blog, to introduce myself and hopefully clarify how I can act as a resource throughout the year both as a representative of the office as well as a fellow student.

My current (and hopefully final) academic plan has grown out of three years of indecision, trial, error, and very busy shopping weeks. I came to college with a variety of interests, spread across the fields of politics, culture, psychology, languages, philosophy, and peace & conflict studies. This desire to take in as much as possible is a reality for many liberal arts students- which is phenomenal, until you can’t choose a major…

Between my freshman and junior years, I changed my mind on what seemed to be a monthly basis, until ultimately finding my place within the International Studies department. As a multidisciplinary major, IS is structured in a way that allows students to apply Economics, Philosophy, Anthropology, and Political Science toward a topic of their own choosing (in my case, international development). In addition, I am pursuing minors in Anthropology and Spanish. The intersection and overlap of these fields is exactly what I want to be focusing on for my last year of college, but the route I took in arriving at this conclusion, was anything but direct.

The same can be said of my professional trajectory, in the sense that I’ve bounced around a great deal and only recently decided definitively on what I want to be doing in the years after college. As a senior, I spent a large portion of the past summer trying to pinpoint what exactly I could see myself doing in a career, and for now, my interests are leading me toward international business and nonprofit management, sectors I probably would never have known fit so well had I not been introduced to them through an internship.

In my time at Haverford, I have been through the internship search, application, and interview process in two different fields, and know what it is like to work in a fast-paced, results driven organization both as a temporary, and now permanent member of a staff. There are a number of things I wish I had considered more thoroughly during each of these phases, and hopefully I will be able to provide some helpful perspective, insight, and assistance as many of you take steps toward the next phase of your own professional advancement.

As Sam touched on in his post last week, we as interns are very committed to making the office as accessible to students as possible. I look forward to having big picture conversations on how to think about your liberal arts degree in a professional context, as well as more targeted discussions on anything from email etiquette to how to most effectively format a resume. We can talk about how to look for, pursue, and prepare for internships, how to make the most out of the CCPA resources, or any number of other questions that may come to mind throughout what may seem to be an overwhelming process.

To that end, please do not hesitate to reach out- I am always available by email and and can also be found in the CCPA on Monday afternoons starting at 2:30 as well as 9:00-12:00 on Thursday mornings. Whether you have no idea what you want to do or you know exactly, come visit the office. The CCPA is ready to help.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!