Meet the Interns: Sam’s Post

Greetings, Haverford!  My name’s Sam, and I’m one of two CCPA Interns for this year, along with my colleague Sofia, who’ll be blogging on Monday.  Since we’re both new in these positions, we thought we’d use the CCPA’s blog to introduce ourselves to the Haverford community and talk about what we hope to achieve as interns this year.

A little bit about me—I’m a sophomore originally from Davis, California, situated amidst countless tomato fields about an hour’s drive from the Bay Area.  I arrived at Haverford intent on being a classics major, but over the course of the past year I discovered that I was becoming more interested in Latin America than Latin, so now I’m pursuing a history major with a concentration in Latin American and Iberian Studies—though I would love to fit a Greek minor in for old time’s sake, but we’ll see how that works out.

As far as careers go—well, I have no idea.  Listing all the career paths I’ve considered over the past year would probably only embarrass my future self but suffice it to say that they are, to put it mildly, varied. Like many of you, I’m currently in the liberal arts-y phase of my life and not yet ready to think about how exactly that translates into an actual career, though anyone who is ready to think about that might want to consider Kelly’s recent post about the practical benefits of an English major.  (Our new Dean of Career and Professional Advising, she majored in English back in the day and now certainly has the career-iest of careers.)

As for my own job experience, I’ve interned for a state senate campaign, served as a research assistant in Special Collections, joined the CPGC as their Newsletter Editor (subscribe if you haven’t already—lots of their events are career exploration opportunities in disguise) and, over the summer, worked for a nutritional consulting company back home—a weird choice for a history major, but I’ll save that story for another post. I was also an Office Assistant in the old Career Development Office, so it’s exciting to see all the changes the office is undergoing while myself assuming a new role.

Which brings me to my current position as a CCPA Intern. What, exactly, does a CCPA Intern do?  We have a few core duties—initial resume reviews and social media outreach, for example—but the answer to that question is a work in progress, because our main responsibility is to figure out how best to serve our fellow students.  In light of that, please let us know any way you can think of that the CCPA could improve its services. We want to hear your ideas, compliments and complaints alike, whether in person, via email or on the CCPA Facebook page.

I also have a couple more specific goals of my own for this year, paramount among them to make the office more inviting to those of us, like myself, who aren’t sure what we want to do (and aren’t sure we want to be sure). There’s a perception among much of the student body that the CCPA is somehow “meant for” students interested in traditional career paths like law or business, and while we have really terrific resources in those fields, that perception just isn’t true! I can tell you from my experience working in the office that everyone in the CCPA wants to help every student find their path, whether that’s law or performance art. (Or, it should be noted, something else, though I might propose an April Fool’s Day event where we recommend all non-lawyers become performance artists… stay tuned.)

On a similar note, I’d like to increase the collaboration between the CCPA and other centers on campus, like the CPGC and the Hurford Center.  These places do a lot of what we might rather jargonishly dub “career development,” but attract very different groups of students than we often reach—similar groups, in fact, to those I’d like to reach out to this year.  Any student organizations looking to work with the CCPA should also feel free to contact me (or anyone else in the office), and we’ll see what we can set up!  Even if you’re not exactly sure what end product you have in mind, we’re constantly seeking out new ways to get in touch with students and we’d love it if you could help us brainstorm ways to do so.

That’s it for me today, but look for Sofia’s post in the next few days, as well as further posts from us and the regular staff at the CCPA in weeks to come! Until next time–