CCPA Summer Series: Spencer Sohmer ’18 Presentation Testing, NYC and Philadelphia, PA

Posted on: December 1, 2016

Spencer Sohmer ’18

Presentation Testing

NYC and Philadelphia, PA

PTI Company Logo

PTI Company Logo

My experience with Presentation Testing this past year not only opened my eyes to the broad applications of a liberal arts education at Haverford, but it also showed me the value of the Haverford network.

My story actually begins earlier this year: During the winter I applied for an externship through the CCPA, where I would shadow a BiCo Alum for a week during Winter Break (the CCPA provides this program during both Winter and Spring Breaks). Luck would have it that I was assigned to a small company based out of Manhattan: Presentation Testing Incorporated. Started by Haverford Alum Rich Thau, the company specializes in testing the efficacy of business presentations, while providing suggestions to refine the messaging for their clientele. The company works with a broad spectrum of businesses in both the public and private sector.

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CCPA Summer Series: Yancheng Dai ’18, GiftedHire, Washington, DC

Posted on: November 29, 2016

Yancheng Dai ’18, GiftedHire, Washington, DC


This past summer I had the fortune to spend 10 weeks at GiftedHire, an HR/Ed tech startup located in Washington, DC. The staff size is fairly small with 4-5 full-time employees and a few part-time advisors. I worked most closely with Mark Kinner, Manager of Member Success, but also frequently worked with Nick Farina, a Haverford alum and CEO of GiftedHire. Although the other people work remotely and don’t come to the office in DC very often, thanks to technologies like Slack and Trello the team is still able to communicate and work efficiently.

GiftedHire’s office in DC has a great location. It’s at WeWork Dupont Circle. On the same floor are lots of other startups, which definitely contribute to the liveliness and energy of our work environment. There are common kitchens, fridges, conference rooms, and cool stuff like mini-golf on each floor of WeWork. For lunch, there are also a lot of great options nearby. Overall, the work environment is absolutely wonderful.

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CCPA Summer Series 2016: Nicole Bonsu ’17, WIT Strategy NYC

Posted on: November 22, 2016

 Nicole Bonsu ’17, WIT Strategy. New York, NY


As an international student, my summer internship in New York was a great opportunity for learning and growth. I applied to the Whitehead Internship with the hopes that I would gain some valuable tools on how to excel in a corporate setting but I gained so much more than that, including learning how to navigate the busy streets of Manhattan.. Working with WIT Strategy had been my most enjoyed summer internship. From day one, everyone on the team was willing to help me get comfortable in the office and to include me in useful projects for new accounts.

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CCPA Summer Series 2016: Stephanie Terrell ’18 Camp Jabberwocky, Vineyard Haven MA

Posted on: November 17, 2016

 Stephanie Terrell ’18, Camp Jabberwocky

Vineyard Haven, MA


This summer, thanks to the Gertrude Heller memorial grant, I was able to spend the summer working at Camp Jabberwocky, a residential summer camp for people with physical and developmental disabilities in Vineyard Haven, MA. Camp Jabberwocky was founded in 1953 as the first camp in the country for people with disabilities, and at that time was known as Martha’s Vineyard Cerebral Palsy camp. The camp expanded from cerebral palsy to welcoming people of all different abilities. Campers range from seven to 62 years old and come from all over the country, paying only what they can afford and attending for up to a month. With about 30 campers and 30 counselors, most of whom return each year, Camp Jabberwocky is a close-knit community.

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Panel tomorrow (11/18): “From College to Career: for Students with Disabilities”

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This Friday (11/18/16) at 3:00 p.m. the Office of Access and Disability and the CCPA are hosting a talk, From College to Career: for Students with Disabilities in HC, Stokes 106, MCC. There will be a panel of four guest speakers including:

Travis West ’13, Development AssociateTRF Development Partners

Mr. West is currently employed as a Development Associate at TRF Development Partners, which is a subsidiary of a Community Development Financial Institution based in Philadelphia known as the Reinvestment Fund. Development Partners is non-profit with the expressed purpose of engaging in real estate development that directly benefits low and moderate income people and places. His primary role is to support the Development Team with project finance, pre-development, sales, and marketing. Mr. West has two years of experiences in leasing and property management. He graduated from Haverford class of 2013 with a degree in Anthropology and was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes during the winter of 2008.


Jackie Danesi, Global Onboarding Lead, HR Senior Service Consultant, Talent Delivery Team, SAP Americas

Ms. Danesi will share information about SAP’s approach to recruiting and training new hires, focusing on the company’s philosophy on hiring that recognizes “everyone’s unique ability to contribute, rather than a person’s perceived limitations.” SAP’s internationally-recognized Autism at Work program and the Disability Matters – EU award from Springboard Consulting given to corporations that are leading the way in mainstreaming disability in their workforce, workplace and/or their marketplace demonstrate this commitment.

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It’s election day! Let’s talk jobs…

Posted on: November 8, 2016

By Jennifer Barr
Associate Director, CCPA

It’s election day, and what better time to discuss election, politics and government job opportunities!election-day

As students go through and witness this election cycle first hand, they will have a good perspective of the kind of work that needs to be done to help get someone elected. But beyond the busy team that surrounds a candidate, there are a large number of jobs that involve polls, voter outreach, event planning, media, technology and everything under the umbrella of government and politics – and more. So, where to start?

Below is a list of resources that can help you learn more about election related jobs, or jobs in politics and government. Click directly on the photos to visit each site.

For first hand accounts, consider reaching out to alumni in these jobs to explore and learn more about election and government opportunities.

5 Election jobs that might be just the ticket for youcapture

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Summer Internship Mega Sessions, Workshops and more this week!

Posted on: November 7, 2016


Thank you for such a great turn out at our College Sponsored Internship Fair!

Are you thinking about a summer internship? You are in luck because the CCPA is hosting a mega session and an Internship workshop this week to help you learn about the amazing opportunities that Haverford has to offer! 

Starting this Wednesday (11/09/16) at 6:00 p.m. in the DC Bryn Mawr Room there is a College Funded Internships Mega Info Session sponsored by the different offices that offer funding for summer internships. These offices include:

  • CCPA
  • -Andrew Silk Summer Journalism Fund
  • -Gertrude Heller Memorial Fund (working with developmental disabilities)
  • -Deborah Lafer-Scher International Internship
  • -Liberal Arts in the Workplace
  • -Primary Care Pre-Medical Fellowship provided by Dr. Steven Jaharis
  • -Summer Serve
  • -Whitehead Internship Program
  • -CPGC domestic and international summer internships
  • KINSC Summer Scholars
  • Hurford Center for Arts and Humanities
  • The Libraries
  • and more

Panel followed by an info fair.
For more information, visit our website. 


On Thursday (11/10/16) the CCPA is hosting a workshop on “Finding an Internship and Resume Tips.” Please swing by Chase Auditorium at 6:30 p.m. Bring your questions

If you have any scheduling conflicts with our events this week, you can check out our online resources on our main webpage! Related to Internships, browse through our Internship Network to see what internships current Haverford students held in the past. All students listed have volunteered to talk with other students about their experiences, so do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Students have written blog posts about their College Sponsored Internships from last summer, read all about it on our student perspective tag. 





And as always, stop by the CCPA during our walk-in hours (Mon-Fri 2:30-4:30 p.m.) or make an appointment! 


CCPA Summer Series 2016: Maya Behn ’18, Prieto Health Center and the Hospital of Cook County, Illinois

Posted on: November 3, 2016




By: Maya Behn ’18

This summer, I worked with the Dr. Jorge Prieto Health Center and the Reproductive Health Services division of the John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, partners in the Cook County Health and Hospitals system. The Prieto Center, founded in 1972, is a clinic serving the Chicago South-Side neighborhood of Little Village, a predominantly low-income Mexican-American neighborhood. Under the mentorship of Dr. Juliet Bradley, a family medicine practitioner, I compiled and organized data for the clinic’s research projects, reached out to over three hundred patients by phone to encourage them to continue their care, and worked directly with over one hundred patients in the clinic to create and follow personal health goals. Continue reading

Connecting with Alums as Part of Your Job Search by Jonathan Copulsky ’75

Posted on: November 2, 2016

Connecting with Alums as Part of Your Job Search by Jonathan Copulsky ’75

Senior Partner and Global Insights Leader, Deloitte

I still remember the challenges of finding my first business job 36 years ago.  My undergraduate degree in history, followed by stints in not-for-profits and teaching did little, in the eyes of employers, to qualify me for that first business job, my MBA from the indexnation’s top business school notwithstanding.

As a senior partner in one of the world’s largest professional services firms, I often receive mails from students and alums, indicating an interest in learning more about consulting, my career, and specific opportunities at my firm.   Given my own experience, I invariably make the time to respond to these emails, including scheduling live conversations (generally over the phone) with my email correspondents.   I’m reasonably confident that most other alums from my alma mater feel and act exactly the same way.

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CCPA Summer Series 2016: Council on Foreign Relations Magazine, NYC with Rob Carpenter ’18

Posted on: October 26, 2016

Council on Foreign Relations Magazine, New York, NY

Rob Carpenter ’18


Interning at Foreign Affairs (FA) Magazine this summer has been an incredibly educational and thought-provoking experience for me. This summer was not quiet for global media as a handful of unexpected stories became prominent and made my work experience especially exciting and challenging. Events like the Brexit, the Turkish failed coup, the Zika outbreak, and the upcoming Presidential Election filled my time at Foreign Affairs with unique opportunities to not only help the magazine inform its audience but also present these events in innovative ways. For example, when the UK’s Brexit referendum resulted in the surprising outcome of leaving the European Union (on June 23rd, just a few weeks into my internship), the FA office had to adapt in order to better cover the globe shaking economic decision. Fortunately because of FA’s quick adjustment to its content creation process and content marketing, the magazine was able to release new analysis on the events outside of its typical bi-monthly release schedule in order to cover and analyze the implications of Brexit as they were revealed.

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