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Posted on: August 30, 2016

It’s the beginning of another exciting year at Haverford, and the CCPA has many new and noteworthy updates and events in the works. We look forward to hearing about your summers (please fill out the Summer 2016 Survey if you haven’t already) and helping you make connections between majors and careers; connect with networking, internship, and job opportunities; prepare for graduate and professional school; and strengthen your resumes, cover letters, and interview skills so you present yourself as the strongest applicant you can be.

Here a few CCPA updates and upcoming events for 2016-2017:

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CCPA Summer Series: Haverford Partnership for Economic Development

Posted on: August 24, 2016

By Michael Schwarze ’18

Working at the Haverford Partnership for Economic Development has taught me a variety of different things, but nothing more important than this: there are many things that I do not know now, nor will I ever know. Why has this been a valuable lesson to me? I have learned how to reach out to people who are experts at doing things that I do not know how to do. More importantly, I have learned to listen to their experience in order to grow as a student.

To give a little background on my internship, I am working for the Haverford Partnership for Economic Development (HPED). The HPED is a nonprofit whose goal is to foster the development, breadth, and growth of the Haverford Township business community. We are comprised of a Board of Directors, who are made up of a diverse set of stakeholders in the community: ranging from commercial property owners, business owners, Haverford Township officials, and residents. We do not have a paid staff, so as the intern for the HPED, I was the sole person directing my focus to our goals.

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Posted on: August 22, 2016

1. The CCPA serves as a ‘clearinghouse’ for campus jobs.  Each department is contacted by CCPA to post their on-campus job through the CCPA.  The available positions are then posted on our Part Time Job Board on the CCPA website.

2. To view the available on campus jobs, go to the Part Time Job Board, www.haverford.edu/ccpa/jobs/part-time_job_board.php.
Click on the “On Campus Jobs – Haverford” filter to view the jobs.

3. Each Posting will contain information about the position, a contact person and the location of the department.  It is your responsibility to contact and apply directly to the departments for which you are interested in working.   You should tell them of your interest and ask what else you need to do in order to apply. Some departments will have an application form, may want to interview you, or even hold an informational workshop. Do not hesitate to ask what you need to do in order to be considered for the job.

4. During the first two weeks of the first semester, all campus employers are asked to give preference to student applicants who have a job as part of the College Grant   Financial Aid Package.  For this reason it is particularly important and crucial for students who have a job as part of their college grant financial aid package to start the job search early and to apply for jobs during the first 2 weeks of the semester!

5. Apply for several jobs.  This way if one of the positions is filled, you will still have other opportunities.

6. Realistically think about your time commitment to the job.  How much time do you think you will be able to work and how many hours do you need to work (3 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours per week)?  If you are on financial aid, you received information from the Financial Aid Office about your work-study award.  If you need information about your package, please contact Michael Colahan in Financial Aid.

7. Once you have obtained an on-campus job, you need to complete several forms in the Business Office.  If you have not worked on campus before or did not complete these forms at Academic Registration, stop by the Business Office (Stokes 2nd Floor) and ask for Joe Vincent.  He will give you the necessary forms to complete in order to be paid.

*Special Note for Visa Carrying International Students: You must first go to Denise Allison in International Student Services Office (ISSO) for all employment- related matters.

8. If you encounter any problems with finding an on-campus job, please contact the Center for Career and Professional Advising (Stokes 300. ext. 1181).  Especially if you are on financial aid and are having difficulty locating a position, please stop by to speak with one of us.


1. Amy Feifer
Stokes 300
Phone: Ext. 1181
Center for Career & Professional Advising
2. Michael Colahan
Campus Center, 2nd Floor
Phone: Ext. 1350
Financial Aid
3. Joe Vincent
Stokes 220E
Phone: Ext. 1243
Business Office


RMJ Leadership 101 Program 2016-2017


This fall, the Rufus M Jones Institute for leadership is making some new changes to their leadership program. The Leadership 101 course is a twelve-week curriculum (six weeks per semester) designed for students who are participating members of official Haverford clubs and organizations.

In conjunction with the overarching mission of RMJ, the Leadership 101 course will provide more opportunities for funding, collaboration, and leadership development for Haverford clubs and organizations. Students who are interested in participating can preview the ’16-’17 curriculumThe dates are as follows:

  • September 6th from 12—1:15 p.m.
  • September 20th from 4—5:15 p.m.
  • October 4th from 12—1:15 p.m.
  • October 18th from 4-5:15 p.m.
  • November 1st from 12-1:15 p.m.
  • November 15th from 4-5:15 p.m.
  • December 6th from 12-1:15 p.m.

If you are interested, click here and make sure to apply by Friday, September 2nd @5:00pm

CCPA Summer Series 2016: U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security

Posted on: August 17, 2016

The start of my summer internship at the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security began with an email to Haverford alumnus and U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Bruce Andrews (’91). I met Mr. Andrews during Alumni Weekend last year and kept in touch, so I reached out to him early last winter for advice as I considered summer internship opportunities. I really recommend getting in touch with Haverford alumni during the job/internship search process, because with Mr. Andrews’ encouragement and guidance, I applied to the Department of Commerce’s internship program and landed interviews with a number of offices.

Right to left in the photo are: Special Advisor to the Under Secretary, Kelvin; Special Assistant to the Under Secretary, Stacie; co-intern, Kendall; Under Secretary Eric Hirschhorn; myself; and Chief of Staff, Sharon

Right to left in the photo are: Special Advisor to the Under Secretary, Kelvin; Special Assistant to the Under Secretary, Stacie; co-intern, Kendall; Under Secretary Eric Hirschhorn; myself; and Chief of Staff, Sharon

I have always been incredibly interested in government, business, foreign policy, national security, and law, so when I learned about the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) internship, it became my first choice. BIS is one of 13 bureaus and offices within the Department of Commerce, but it is the only one with its own active law enforcement officers. It works Continue reading

CCPA Summer Series 2016: CT Fertility

Posted on: August 11, 2016

Jaharis Fellowship

Lauren Benedetto


My first day of work at CT Fertility began in the bustling Operating Room and ended with a trip to the Emergency Room. That’s right, merely minutes after meeting the doctors and nurses that I would have the pleasure of shadowing and working with for the next ten weeks, I passed out in the middle of watching my first procedure. Still in the scrubs I had borrowed from the clinic, I was an unusual sight at the Emergency Room, as I looked like one of those people who should be taking care of patients rather than becoming admitted as one, myself. However, once I told the story as to how I had ended up in the ER that morning, I learned that passing out during your first procedure is actually a common occurrence. In fact, the Physician’s Assistant who was treating me that day had passed out during her first procedure, as well.

Having been cleared to work, my second day at CT Fertility proved to be even more nerve-wracking than the first. Sporting a new black eye and a very sore body, I went to work and, to my pleasant surprise, I was treated no differently than I had been the morning before. Of course, my new colleagues were concerned and asked about my well-being (and, being medical professionals themselves, frequently checked on my bumps and bruises first-hand), but I never felt as though they doubted my capabilities or saw my incident as a weakness. In fact, I was encouraged by one of the doctors to go and sit in on another procedure as soon as I was ready. Eventually, after four weeks of working on my own projects and shadowing other positions in the clinic, I took the doctor up on the offer and successfully made it through a procedure. Continue reading

CCPA Summer Series 2016: Community Volunteers in Medicine

Posted on: August 8, 2016

Community Volunteers in Medicine
By Koji Shimomura

Community Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM) is located just off US 202 near West Goshen Community Park, a roughly 30-minute drive west of Haverford. Since first opening its doors on May 18, 1998, CVIM has served to reduce the need for uninsured Koji Shimomura CVIM Photoindividuals to make expensive hospital visits by providing free medical and dental care. 380 volunteer licensed clinicians and support professionals provide over 50,000 hours of service work per year. In 2015, CVIM provided services in over 31,800 patient visits. This is the place I have worked at for my entire summer.

My typical day at CVIM begins by clipping on my nametag, reading “Koji: HIV Tester Volunteer” and picking up the supplies for the test: a clipboard, a list of patients and their information, a biohazard bag, a patient information slip, and the HIV testing materials. Each set of testing materials is sealed inside a Continue reading

CCPA Summer Series 2016: My US Senate Legislative Experience

Posted on: August 4, 2016

by Josh Fried ’18

I am absolutely looking forward to my experience interning for US Senator Bob Casey from Pennsylvania. Not only is this an experience to understand the Congressional process, but this internship also presents me the chance to look at a potential future career. There are 3 main things that I am looking forward to during my internship.  Firstly, I am really excited to connect with the fellow interns. Not only are the interns doing similar work, but they are also similar in age; most of us are ambitious college students looking to experience a summer on Capitol Hill.  Therefore, it is very easy for us to connect because I presume that most other interns in the Casey office will think the same way politically and ideologically that I do. Besides these instant social connections, my fellow interns also present one other crucial opportunity; networking.  Since my fellow interns and I will be working in the office for approximately 6 weeks, we will be able to bond through similar work experiences and be able to understand the kind of work that Senator Casey and his staff execute on a day to day basis. Therefore, since we have similar interests I anticipate my fellow interns to be a great networking tool as the weeks goes along.

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CCPA Summer Series 2016: My Summer at DLL

Posted on: August 1, 2016

By Kathy Prescott

DLL is a financial services company in Wayne, PA about 30 minutes from campus (on a good day without traffic that it). This summer I have had the privilege of working with the Phoenix Team at DLL. The Phoenix Team is part of the Business Support department in the company. DLL has offices in 36 countries and in the office in Wayne is one of the biggest departments. This made my first few weeks on the job very interesting because prescott2the building is like a maze and every day I would find a new conference room or department that I didn’t know existed. The building is U-shaped and has three floors. Everything inside is an open floor plan so it is very easy to wander between departments and accidentally end up on the opposite side of the building.

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CCPA Summer Series 2016: MKThink

Posted on: July 25, 2016

MKThink: An interdisciplinary approach to data visualization,
graphic design, and the built environment.
By Jessie Lamworth

When packing my bags for a summer in San Francisco, I had no idea what to expect. Not only is the weather in San Francisco notoriously unpredictable, and my only experience in the city involved a bout of food poisoning, but I also had only a vague understanding of CCPA Summer Blog Photo 2016what I would be doing at a company I knew very little about. MKThink was listed as an “architecture firm” in the internship application, described as “the ideas company” on its website, and recounted as “more of a data analytics business” by previous interns. Luckily the varying descriptions were all positive, and I knew that no matter what I ended up working on, whether it be data, technology, design, or architecture related, I could learn skills relevant and useful to my Growth & Structure of Cities major.

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