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Road Trips!

This entry is about two mini road trips that my friends and I recently went on. For some reason it took us  quite a while to realize how easy it is to rent a car and just “go” but now that we’ve discovered it, it feels like driving and road-tripping have really shaped my experience in Cape Town and brought me to places that I never could have imagined myself in. It is great living in Rondebosch, but I have definitely allowed  the routine of living in a small community to shield me from  a lot of things that I could be taking advantage of in Cape Town. Only in the last month and a half or so have my friends and I started taking advantage of the Jammie Shuttles, which run from UCT  (University Of Cape Town) to various places all around the city… its amazing what resources I’ve begun to find that now that I’ve open myself to the possibility of alternative forms of transportation (for a while it seemed like Taxis (which get relatively expensive)were the only viable, “safe”, option) Cape Town has really opened itself up to me and I’ve gotten to experience it in a different way. I’m sure a lot of people discovered these things long before I did but I’m glad to have seen them while I still have a decent amount of time left to explore.

So here are pictures from two of our past driving adventures.

The first are a few from Rocking The Daisies, a music festival outside of Cape Town.

The Tents at sunset…


Myself and two of my good friends, Susannah (Wesleyan) and Jane (Upenn)


Some tents…


People in the day time… (I forgot to add, it was a two night, three day show)


A lake that people sat around


The Venue…


The TentsIMG_7803

We drove 6 or 7 hours up to Namaqualand to find flowers only to discover that we had missed the actual flower season, but it was still one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.












IMG_9734(View Gallery Below for more photos!)