Alan Massey

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Alan brought his paintings and collages to the open call in Philadelphia. He works primarily on tiny swatches, the kind you get at hardware stores when you are trying to decide on the color of a room or what kind of rug to install. He covers these swatches in paint and other materials. His pieces are geometric abstractions, intriguing for their mix of dark and bright coloration and small size.

Photo credit: Steve Magnotta, Intrigue Photography

Cymantha Diaz-Liakos

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During the Philadelphia open call we met with John Diaz, the former Associate Director of Facilities Management at Haverford College. He had with him a series of drawings done by his daughter Cymantha. John told us that she drew constantly as a child. When she was around 12, however, she mysteriously stopped pursuing her artistic abilities. She rarely drew throughout her teen years. Her childhood work will be featured in the Biennial.

Photo credits: Steve Magnotta

come to the OPEN CALL!!

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Harrell is going to be looking at submissions in exactly ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Hard to believe! Make sure you come out to one of the open call events on Thursday, July 1. There is one at Haverford College and one at the Friends Center in Philadelphia on 15th and Cherry.


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do you remember me? you should email me sometime.

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I found this bike in the apartment I moved into early summer. some dude who lived here before me left it. I bought it for cheap. it has changed the way I get around, changed my travel options in Philadelphia (SEPTA, you were not cutting it). my bike has been especially convenient during the past few weekends when I’ve been exploring parts of the city I was not familiar with, putting up posters and, most importantly, meeting all of you. do you remember me? Read the rest of this entry »

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