el sol sale para todos–the sun rises for everyone

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“Messages in Motion believes that media can be independent, community-driven and representative of diverse voices, perspectives and styles that reflect our uniqueness as individuals and speak to our needs as communities.  MIM activates relationships by networking people and promoting self-expression as a step toward social change.”

Laura giving a tour of her studio van on opening night.

I was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, went through 12 years of schooling in the area, and ended up going to college only about 20 minutes away from the city.  I thought I knew Philadelphia pretty well.  But El Sol Sale Para Todo, Laura Deutch’s collaborative films with her two colleagues Leticia Roa Nixon and Carlos Pascual, introduced a part of Philadelphia that I have never seen or was aware of during the 16 years that I’ve lived here.

El Sol Sale Para Todo was screened at Haverford College about two weeks ago.  It is the exact embodiment of MIM’s mission statement, to represent the voices of a community that is often overlooked.  The film reveals the many stories of Hispanic immigrants living in Philadelphia.  The stories about hardship, linguistic differences, different travels before settling in Philadelphia, memories about Mexico, and dreams of a better life away from hard labor.

I was captured by this documentary.  Having decided to teach at an inner-city school in Philadelphia, I thank Laura for giving me a glimpse of the personal realities of families in the city.  The film has served its purpose in helping me, as a viewer, gain a better understanding of a community that is marginalized and overlooked.

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