I Scream, You Scream, The People Scream for Ice Cream!

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It is good to be back on board with blogging for People’s Biennial. I had an incredible time in London last spring.  My time in Europe was 5 months of paradise, living out the daydreams I had as a young girl flipping through travel magazines.

Now that I’m back, I bring you great news: ice cream will be served at the People’s Biennial opening this upcoming January.  Too exciting!  The fantastic part is that the ice cream will be brought to you by one of People’s Biennial artists, Rudy Speerschneider.  This will not be your usual ice cream from the grocery store…

Hailing from Portland, Rudy Speerschneider creates an atypical but inspiring range of ice cream flavors.  One review showered him with praise, describing him to be “a mad food cart scientist. An evil gourmet genius. The Salvador Dali of the Portland food carts. A poet the likes of Ferlinghetti with a griddle. A cook who shares certain DNA with Alice B. Toklas. A man who basis his menu on dreams and premonitions. Inspired by the seasons and whatever force of nature artistic muse possesses his spirit.”  Basically, my friends, he is an ice cream guru.

The History of Junior Ambassador's Food Cart: A Mostlandian Venture, 2007-2009

Speerschneider’s statement as an artist reflects a man chasing after tastes that have yet to be discovered. He confesses his wild flavored dreams:

“I dream about orange paint, imaginary lands, and making ice cream…I feel a tug at the gut, a buzz in the head, a rousing energy pouring from the heart, all over the place, I see stars, I must live…The dream has to come alive, at once, or I die, so the metamorphosis begins—consuming, passionate, like magic, madness, and supernatural powers, it turns, twists, and infuses the sense of wonder in the palpable state of things (excerpt from The People’s Biennial Catalogue).”

The result? Flavors such as Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Ice Cream (served with crackers), Gingersnap Cookies & Basil, Maple Trip Tease, and Coconut Curry.

Have I peaked your curiosity yet?  Errr…rather, your appetite?

I guess I’ll see you at the opening then!


Learn more about his food cart adventures: http://www.foodcartsportland.com/2009/03/13/junior-ambassadors/

Learn more about Speerschneider and his fellow artist friends: http://www.mostlandia.com/pages/fun.htm

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