Messages in Motion at Occupy Philly

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This photo was obtained on the ABC website. It is attributed to (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Head over to Philly artist Laura Deutch’s “Messages in Motion” page for a short video account of Occupy Philly, the local iteration of the protests sweeping the nation’s major cities. Laura continues her important work as self-charged local documentarian, filming messages from an array of local social groups and personalities and posting them online. In her most recent video, we witness an Occupy group assembly meeting. Listen as they repeat what each speaker says – this is a phenomenon known as the “human microphone.” Most basically, the group will ensure that all can hear by amplifying the message through united repetition. Through the Occupy movement, new voices are being heard. Through People’s Biennial, new voices are being heard. The two projects mirror each other in that they provide a platform for new ideas that might not fit into the current respective structures.

Here is a statement from Laura’s website:

MIM offers participants the opportunity to produce short video postcards that communicate personal and social messages about their diverse life
experiences. As the Van travels through the city, the stories inspire, educate and provoke participants from different communities to learn from one another.

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