Nostalgic Beauty

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These are simply beautiful.

Self taught and having started his passion for photography since he was 8 years old, Jorge Figueroa offers frank and moving photographs of Philadelphians, elegantly printed in silver gelatin.

Racial features that are normally sharp in color are softened by his use of black and white, allowing our focus to zoom into the very being of the people, the subjects of the photograph.  Only after we familiarize ourselves with their faces (or the lack of faces!) can we slowly zoom out and notice the careful structure of buildings and people in the background (did you notice the slight mirror effect in the second picture?), and the patterns of dust/rubble/wall cracks.  When I view these photographs, I can’t help but feel gentle tugs of nostalgia, as if I shared the moment captured in the photograph.

Nostalgic beauty.

One Comment on “Nostalgic Beauty”

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