Once an artist, always an artist?

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We all go through phases in life.  One day we love doing this or that, and the next day we chase after something else.  But when we “finish” with a phase, are we completely through with it?  Or does each phase leave some sort of stain?

Cymantha Diaz, one of the artists in People’s Biennial, drew throughout her childhood.  I was browsing through some of her pieces and came to a few conclusions (click on the picture for a larger view!):

#1. She loved hair—to the point where she dedicated an entire drawing on hair and wigs.  Blond hair, orange hair, rolled-up-granny-hair, curly hair! Great hair is a signature motif in all of her pieces.

#2. Even at a young age, she had an eye for detail. (Please keep in mind that she was younger than 12 years when she drew all of this).  Here’s what I mean by detail…

The golden poodle hiding behind the armchair is pretty cool but did you notice the picture within the picture within the picture? Oh, and the great hair??  It gets even better…

All of these school children have fabulous clothes on! And they all are wearing different shoes! (And different hair)

#3.  She wasn’t afraid to draw old people.  In fact, she was pretty awesome at it.

This piece is by far my favorite.  It’s hilarious!  The priceless evil expressions, their high-end slippers, their tightly rolled up hair, the steam floating from the coffee pot, the crazy portrait of yet another old lady, and the reflection of the lady looking in the mirror never fail to amaze me every time I look at this one.

Then one day, when Cymantha turned around 12 years old, she just stopped.

So tell me–Was it just a silly phase she went through as a child?  Or would you consider her to still be an artist if you met her today?




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