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on Thursday we held two open call events, one at Haverford College in the morning and another at the Friends Center in Philadelphia later in the afternoon. I was nervous again about the potential for a poor turnout, but my worries were soon assuaged as the drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc. came pouring in. we set up tables around each space, instructed artists to display their work and talk about it for 5-10 minutes. we moved as a unit about the tables with Harrell, Renaud, and Matthew in the lead (in the picture they are the three guys closest to the table). here we are enjoying a video made by local artist Maiza Hixon at the Friends Center. 22 people showed up to each open call in a steady stream. Harrell and Renaud always had something to look at, but the crowd was never overwhelming. success, success, success. we saw a variety of objects – wood carvings of ducks, soap carvings of humans, newspaper/magazine collages, notebooks, photographs, what have you. was great to see it all in one room, one space.

I was talking to James Weissinger, the Associate Director of the Hurford Humanities Center at Haverford, about the day, about the turnouts, about open calls in general. he proposed that we should have an open call for everything – for Humanities Center events, for gallery shows, all of it. it’s certainly an interesting model – anybody with a fresh idea is able to present their plan. it’s a way of hearing a variety of voices. i imagine you would find some great solutions. perhaps it would be worth the effort, spending a day reviewing a number of proposals?

we want to thank the Friends Center at 15th and Cherry for graciously opening their space to us for the event. also, a huge thank-you to K-Fai Steele, Jen Rice, Darren White (Haverford ’11), Sebastianna Skalisky (Web Producer from communications at Haverford), Corey Chao (Community Programs Coordinator from the Scribe Video Center) Fran Giarratano (Exhibitions Manager at Independent Curators International), Dorothy Labe (the Director of Non-Academic Scheduling and Summer Programs at Haverford), Haverford Housekeeping and Haverford Dining Services for all their incredible help! Would not have been possible without you all!

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