we roll deep at hhc

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5 deep, to be exact, as i mentioned in an earlier post. plus the photographer, steve magnotta (more on steve later). figured i should introduce everyone to get us moving. this is the core crew from the week of visits:

on the left in the specs is James Weissinger, aka j weissin. j is the associate director of the humanities center. i got to ride shot gun in his scion for the week. it was a true pleasure. for the record, j got us to each visit before Matthew’s car every time. every time.in front of James is Renaud Proch. he is the deputy director of Independent Curators International, the group organizing the show. we had a few good conversations. once he told me that disco naps add years to your life. i’ll let you run with that one.

in the middle in Matthew “Famous Seamus” Callinan – i told you about him a few posts ago. he is the exhibits coordinator at the Cantor Fizgerald Gallery. he is the boss-man. props go to Matthew for the orchestration of the visit.

Harrell is standing to the right of Matthew, and I’m hiding behind James. here we are pictured at the lovely home of Karen Lefebvre-Christou, the founder/creator of art2love, a non-profit whose “mission is to is to empower, encourage and elevate children in crisis through art – their own art.” more info here. i told you about her amazing lemonade a few posts ago. her home was the first stop on the philly tour, early tuesday morning.

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