Harrell Fletcher on the ground

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so the guy in the middle, that’s Harrell Fletcher. Matthew, my boss at the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, and I picked him up at the airport. he had only a backpack. I like a man who travels lightmainly because I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. too nervous about needing something, about regretting leaving behind my tube socks or my extra shoelaces. but Harrell seems comfortable. guess he is a seasoned pro when it comes to these visits. he has been to four other venues across the country scouting for work to show in the people’s biennial. haverford is his final stop, and we are doing our best to provide him as much info/artwork as possible. we have been very busy.

over the past two days, we have visited a number of locations in and around philadelphia, talking to artists and organizations about their work. our first visit was to the suburban studio of Karen, the founder of an initiative called art2love. Karen opened her home to our crew (we roll about 5 dudes deep), graciously offering the best lemonade i’ve tasted in forever, showed us her work space in the basement, and explained her project. she works with children in the hospital, rendering stuffed animals from drawings they do in their rooms. Karen’s objects are strikingly faithful to the drawings. her meticulous detail impressed us all.

all of the visits thus far have been nothing short of incredible. it’s been a crazy week already, but we can’t wait to hit the streets again.

ok, i gotta go to bed now. OPEN CALL #1 STARTS IN T-minus 6 HOURS!!! more on the other visits/Harrell’s stay soon!

BIG UPS TO STEVE MAGNOTTA, our omnipresent photographer. he hasn’t missed a shot. all image credits go to Steve in this post.

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