do you remember me? you should email me sometime.

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I found this bike in the apartment I moved into early summer. some dude who lived here before me left it. I bought it for cheap. it has changed the way I get around, changed my travel options in Philadelphia (SEPTA, you were not cutting it). my bike has been especially convenient during the past few weekends when I’ve been exploring parts of the city I was not familiar with, putting up posters and, most importantly, meeting all of you. do you remember me? that’s what I look like on my bike. I rode up to you and I gave you a yellow handbill and told you about the people’s biennial. I asked you to consider submitting your artwork to the traveling show. I’ve been waiting for your message, one with pictures of your work and descriptions. it’s not too late! THE ONLINE SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS THIS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 2010!! SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT!! i want to see your work; we all do. don’t leave us hanging, please.

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