Off to Belgium

We’re heading to Belgium today!  After weeks of preparation the date has finally arrived and we could not be more excited.

For the past four weeks we’ve prepared ourselves for the trip by eating Belgian waffles everyday in the DC…oh yeah, and we’ve had some practices too.  Yesterday afternoon we had the final of five brief practices and our teammate and photographer, Mark Loper, was on hand to snap some photos.

Eli getting his warmup in four hours before the start of practice, as usual.

Jordan Taylor aka Vern Diesel aka Spiderman

After practice most guys headed back to their rooms to start packing.  Everyone had been putting this off until the last minute, but Louis Cipriano (aka the Walrus) had been preparing for weeks.  We were able to get a picture of his packing list one day. We’re not sure why he needs a sewing kit and binoculars, but we suppose it’s always good to be prepared.

At least we know who to call if a jersey gets torn.

After seeing that he was struggling to pack effectively, Lou’s Mom had to make an emergency trip down to campus for a few days to finish the job for him.  He made sure to give her a big hug to thank her for all of her work.

Aren't they adorable?


Now that we’re all packed it’s time to head to the airport.  But before we leave, we have to make some predictions for the trip.  In the following blog posts we’ll let you know if they turn out to be true.

Most likely to forget his passport and not make it on the plane:  James Levine                Most likely to get flagged as a security threat:  Justin Winkler                                             Most likely to tackle potential terrorist threats on the plane:  Sean Bernhard                     Player most likely to be mistaken for a coach:  Bo Abrams (he looks reallyyyyy old)       Most likely to lose all of his money in a casino:  Steve Lazzaro                                             Most likely to demand more whole grains in his on-flight meal: Eli Schwarz                    Most likely to overdose on Belgian Waffles:  Brett Cohen                                                      Most likely to become the new European DJ sensation:  DJ Cam B (aka Cameron Baker)

That’s all for now, we’ll check back in tomorrow after our flight and our bike tour of Brussels!

P.S. That reminds us, one last prediction: Most likely to fall of his bike…Coach Mucci

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  1. Cindy says:

    Why is Louis’ nickname the Walrus?

    Love the picture of him and Dee. Have fun guys!


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