Yankee Struggles

Some things us Yankees are struggling with…

-Looking right before crossing the street

-37 degree showers being incredibly hot

-1.20 for gas not being cheap (1.20 is pounds, not dollars, and they measure by liter, not gallon.  I’m not a math major, but Doug Edelman is.  He promises that isn’t cheap.)

-roundabouts (traffic circles)

-techno trance clubs playing music at decibel levels that are neither fun nor safe (Just to give you an idea of what we were dealing with here: It is currently 10 am the morning after the team went out to a club and several members of the teams’ ears, including mine, are still ringing furiously.  We were met by a host of stares at the continental breakfast this morning as we sat practically screaming across the table to one another.  Great fun.)

-a lack of complimentary water at dinners (Guiness is cheaper than water.)

-a lack of WaWa in our convenience-store laden lives

-a lack of Cory Walts in our early morning schedules (We all miss you dearly big man.  We’re doing our best to bring dynamic stretching to Europe.  So far it’s been rough, but we think our limber bodies will convince them in due time.)

It is generally accepted, however, that we all love Ireland very much and are in no rush to leave.  Sorry to me mum and dad.

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