Happy New Year

“There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrain of nature –the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after the winter.” ~Rachel Carson



My wish is for Peace on Earth and good health to all as the hope for a glorious year awaits.

A Hole New Yew

planting at Lloyd

Adriana Cvitkovic ’16 and horticulturist Carol Wagner with a Hole new Yew.

Foundation plantings are under-going a slight upgrade. Horticulturist Carol Wagner is replacing old and overgrown hollies at the Lloyd dorm entrances with new pyramidal yews, known botanically as Taxus cuspidata. The hollies might not have been the best choice when planted years ago; due to the fact that the amount of sun each received at all the Lloyd entrances varied greatly. This made for very inconsistent growth, some hollies were lush and full while others languished.  The yews perform equally in sun and low light conditions.  Carol guarantees that the yews will be in place well before the annual holiday lighting extravaganza.

Freshmen plant their tree

As part of the Class of 2018 Customs Week and the Arboretum’s tradition of planting a freshman tree with the class, last Thursday turned out to be a beautiful day. Before the campus was busy with the full student body, an Okame cherry tree, Prunus ‘Okame’ was planted along the walk from the sundial steps to the track. This tree will join the ranks of an eight tree allee.  Four nondedicated cherries and three  freshman class trees from, 2010, 2015 and 2017 in the allee, make for a stunning early April tunnel of pink blossoms.

the Class of 2018 gather to plant their tree members of the freshman class plant an Okame cherry tree

Welcome Class of 2018

Welcome to the Class of 2018, returning ‘Fords, faculty and staff.

The Arboretum invites all 18s to assist in planting your Freshman tree.  This year an Okame Cherry will be planted in your honor by the playground on Leeds green.  The time for planting is 9:30am, Thursday August 28th.

The Arboretum staff will again plant themselves in the DC for its 27th Annual Freshman plant giveaway and plant sale. You will see us there Tuesday through Thursday, September 2,3,4 th from 9am-2pm. All 1st years will receive a free house (dorm) plant.  We will again have larger plants for faculty, staff and students to purchase for $12.00.

You’ll see the Arboretum and Grounds crew out mowing, weeding, planting trees, raking leaves and hopefully not shovelling snow !   Be sure to say , “Hello”.

Enjoy a few images from the previous year and you’ll see what a wonderful treasure Haverford is.


IMG_0705 IMG_0289 IMG_3453 IMG_0753 IMG_0971 IMG_0176 IMG_0791 IMG_3622 IMG_0079 IMG_0845 IMG_3403 IMG_0262 IMG_3327 IMG_3446 IMG_0098 IMG_0809 SONY DSC IMG_0412 IMG_3737 IMG_0925