Up to Twenty

Haverford’s Pinetum is home to a diverse collection of conifers; that is a plant that bears cones. The Pinetum was planted in the late 1920s and the arboretum staff continues to add new species and young specimens to maintain a varied and distinct collection. You can experience twenty different types of pine trees in the Pinetum. Just last week we added the twentieth species, Pinus glabra. Commonly called cedar pine, Walter pine, or bottom white pine, the tree is native to the lower coastal plain states of the southeastern US. and not common in cultivation. Characteristically, pines will not thrive in periodic wet conditions or shade, Pinus glabra will. Most sources suggest its hardiness in zones 7-9. Haverford is listed as zone 6b, not far off considering global warming! With the help of our summer students, three of these trees were planted on the upper portion toward Swan Field.





Let me thank our students in this forum as their enthusiasm and good natured approach they brought to work every day made the summer more tolerable. They are Josh Servellon Class of 2014, Alex Love and Michael DeWolf Class of 2015 and Bethany Simmonds and Miwa Wenzel, Class of 2016. ¬†thanks guys and I’ll see you when the semester starts.