Presidential Prep

It doesn’t happen very often, in fact, only thirteen times since 1833.  This Saturday, Dr. Dan Weiss will be inaugurated as Haverford College’s 14th President.  The Grounds and Arboretum crews have been busy making the joint presentable.  The entire campus community has been hard at work preparing for this very busy weekend on campus.  Not only is the inauguration happening, it is also Family and Friends Weekend and a Board of Managers meeting.

Lots for us to do:  mowing, weeding, edging, collecting the steady stream of leaves that look so beautiful on the trees but are troublesome on the lawns and changing out our flower beds and containers for the fall.  Below are a few images of the work in progress by the Grounds and Arboretum crews.

Congratulations Dr. Weiss !

Staff Oct2013 007 IMG_0084 IMG_1130 IMG_1105 IMG_3450 IMG_3466 IMG_3464