113th Arbor Day

The weather could not have been better.  Friday was Arbor Day in our part of the country and the Arboretum carried out a tree planting ceremony for the 113th time.  Faculty, students, staff and retirees turned out to take part and receive a plant dividend.

Last summer a massive red oak that graced the south west corner of Barclay Hall had to be relieved of its duties.  We believe the oak was planted soon after the completion of Barclay in 1878.  The tree’s shade and ultimate maturity was enjoyed for more than a century.  The Arboretum chose a Japanese umbrella-pine, Sciadopitys verticillata to be planted in the area of the old oak.   Arboretum Director, Bill Astifan and Horticulturist, Carol Wagner both addressed the participants and everyone pitched in by putting a shovel of soil in the hole.

Haverford’s trees serve a thankless role.  Their presence is quiet and comforting.  Trees planted as the last stones of Founders were being laid stand side by side with the newest kid on the block.

Arbor Day 2013IMG_2159