Where the Grickle Grass grows

the Lorax IMG_2061 IMG_2068 IMG_2077 IMG_2090There are no Truffula trees in the famed Arboretum collection of species.  However, each year on Earth Day the Lorax visits Haverford College to make sure the old Once-ler is not creeping about.

Earth Day celebrations began this year in the Duck Pond meadow.  Students, faculty and neighbors joined in to assist the horticulturists planting hundreds of native plants.  Once the hands were sufficiently dirty, the activities migrated west to the front of Founders.  For the last five years I’ve been reading the story of The Lorax by Dr. Suess.  The participants enjoyed the sun-warmed front steps as I settled in to a rocking chair for the reading.  Music, frisbees and food kept people on the great lawn well in to the afternoon.

Thanks to the Arboretum for supplying a popcorn machine, the Earth Quakers for cookies and clementines and the 8th Dimension.  Thanks to the Arboretum student workers as well as everyone else involved.

Every day is Earth Day!