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Kudos for Carol

Horticulturist, Carol Wagner began her career here at Haverford in 1988, earlier that same year she graduated from the Professional Gardener (PG) Program at Longwood Gardens.  For many, Longwood Gardens is a horticultural destination and a local attraction where we take visiting family and friends.  What most people do not know is that Longwood is deeply engaged in educating future leaders in the industry.  This was decreed in the living legacy of founder Pierre S. du Pont.

The current class of PG graduates were honored at their commencement ceremony last week.  Since the PG Program began in 1970, there have been 261 graduates and 85% are working in the field of horticulture.  Carol was presented with the Lois Woodward Paul Award that day.  This is bestowed to an alum that has made outstanding horticultural achievement and is voted on by members of the PG Alumni Association (PGAA).  She has served the PGAA as Secretary, vice President, President and editor of the association’s newsletter, in addition, she has dedicated herself on many levels serving the college community and the Haverford College Arboretum.

Congratulations, Carol and it is a pleasure working with you!


December 12, 2012 Carol receives the Lois Woodward Paul Award at Longwood Gardens

First Gift for an Old Walk

When Charles Rankin, Class of 1939, passed away not long ago, his family made a thoughtful gift to the Arboretum in his memory.  Charles had been a life member of the Arboretum Association since 1984.  He adopted a large Taxodium distichum, bald cypress that stood on Founders Green because it was outside his window when he lived in Barclay Hall.  This tree was the tallest on the Green and unfortunately a strike of lightning brought it down in July of 2005.  We were able to get a ring count on the trunk and determined that the tree was approximately 107 years old.  The Arboretum replaced it in kind that same fall.

We wanted a tree to be planted for Charles, but where?  The Arboretum staff thought long and hard as to how to honor a great friend of the  Arboretum. The Meeting House walk came to mind.  This walk was traveresed by the young men (and recently women) attending Haverford before, during and since Charles’ time on their way to weekly Meeting.  As you may know, the venerable allee of stately Ginkgo biloba, line the walk only part way.  We decided to use the gift from family and friends of Charles as a starting point for the continuation of Meeting House walk trees.  Two young male ginkgo trees Ginkgo biloba ‘Autumn Gold’, were planted in step with the old guard and is the first phase of a determined effort by the Arboretum to complete the old walk with young, non-fruiting ginkgoes.