The madness began last night with the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Sixty four teams over the next few weeks are playing for the title of National Champion.

For the plant lovers, I like to think of March Madness as the time when the plants start their flurry.  Last night, I gave a quick count of what’s in bloom on campus, in the neighborhoods and in my own garden. I came up with an impressive list of 39 “teams”.

By the end of the weekend the basketball field will be reduced by halve. Not so on our side of the court!  The numbers of plant teams will only be increasing.  This weekend go out in the yard and put together your list of teams.  Everyone counts, from the blooms of the 3 inch Puschkinia to the small red flowers of the 60 foot red maple.

There is no winner in the plant world, but to all that are watching your brackets closely…good luck.

striped squill blooming at the bookstore garden, Campus Center