H.C. Arboretum’s first blog

Well, I’ve had a cell phone now for two years.  I think I’m ready to really embrace technology and start a blog !

The road that brought me to my position as a horticulturist at Haverford is one I’d like to quickly share with you.  Upon reflection, two glaring facts emerged.  A theme of down sizing surfaced.

First, here at Haverford, we are bursting the student enrollment bubble at 1,150.  The student body of my alma mater, Texas A&M is in the neighborhood of 44,000.  Second, prior to my employment tending Haverford’s 212 acres, I spent 11 wonderful years honing my horticultural skills as a gardener at Longwood Gardens’ over 1,100 acres.  It is not fair to compare Haverford College Arboretum with Longwood Gardens. You might say it is a bit like comparing petunias to pine trees.

Yes, down sized is the right word.

These six years with the Haverford College Arboretum continue to most enjoyable.  My aim through this blog is to share images, gardening tips and give alums a sense how my colleagues and I tend and nurture this beautiful campus.

So, let’s begin…