The Africana Media Project

This semester M1 of Dead Prez will be at Haverford College for two weeks as the Africana Studies Scholar/Artist in Residence. His primary focus during this time will be producing a multimedia album entitled Africana.

This experimental project will involve sound and video and making an “album” that takes creative, political, and historical approaches to exploring and expanding the concept of Africana.

In 1961 eminent African American sociologist and philosopher W.E.B. DuBois moved to Ghana at the invitation of President Kwame Nkrumah to work on an Encyclopedia Africana. For DuBois Africana was an historical, cultural, and political designation referring to peoples of African descent and the complex set of disjunctures and connections through which their experiences are at the center of the development of the modern world.

The project which M1 and Professor Jesse Shipley will be working on will pick various moments, peoples, and symbols around the idea of Africana for creative composing, visualizing, remixing, and mashing. They plan to release a DVD/CD as a result of this visit. Students will have a chance to be involved in this project in creative and practical ways.

Please note that M1’s residency is for the benefit of the College’s students, faculty and community members only. None of the events that he is participating in will be open to the public.

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