Reflections and Photos from a Quaker Consortium Traveler

I can confidently say (read:type) I’m an expert at traveling from Haverford to Bryn Mawr to Swarthmore to the University of Pennsylvania. Our four institutions form the Quaker Consortium, schools all founded by the Religious Society of Friends, once upon a time. I have a course at each institution this semester and am thoroughly enjoying the experience, in and out of the classroom. The time I spend gazing outside at the passing ‘burbs and city streets on the Blue Bus, Tri-Co Van, and SEPTA train make me appreciate how small and intimate our 220-acre campus is. At the same time, I consider myself privileged to see so much of the Philadelphia area, especially as I have memorized the street signs and unconventional placement markers (e.g. Wendy’s).

Before you and I get too hungry, I may also say (read:type) how much I enjoy eating at Bryn Mawr by swiping my OneCard (the same gateway for eating at Haverford) and at Swarthmore by passing along a voucher I procured from the Haverford Dining Center Office. When in Philadelphia, I go frolicking for gelato at my favorite spot, Capogiro. As a student receiving financial aid, I appreciate Haverford’s policy of covering transportation to and from University of Pennsylvania to erase the cost of commuting to class. I sometimes rationalize that the money I might have earned in order to pay for my transportation can instead be invested in gelato…

A sunny, breezy afternoon @ Capogiro with Ananda Coleman '16 and photographer, Damon Motz-Storey '16, capturing our moment of glee

Stay tuned for future info and photos documenting my Quaker Consortium travels!

When I make my way back to Haverford, this is the beauty I behold.