Meet the Bloggers

Meet the Office of Admission bloggers.

Brandon AlstonBrandon Alston ’14
Hey there, I’m Brandon a current Haverford Senior and a Philadelphia native. I’m currently double majoring in Sociology (at Bryn Mawr) and Religion (at Haverford) with concentrations in Gender and Sexuality and Africana studies. As a long-term goal, I am considering becoming a professor with the support of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF). I enjoy reading James Baldwin and Bell Hooks, watching Netflix when procrastinating, and listening to new music. Besides working in the Admissions Office as the Head Multicultural Recruitment Intern, I work as a student consultant with our Teaching Learning Institute in the Bi-college. In addition, I’ve been involved within the Customs Program, the Black Student League, and Rufus Jones Leadership Program. As I begin my senior year, I’m looking forward to the opportunities that await after commencement and I’m especially grateful to have an opportunity to share some of my experiences and insights into what it’s like to be a student at Haverford.

Sophie EigerSophie Eiger ’14
Hello there! I’m Sophie, a senior from North Wales PA (about 30 minutes from campus), and a Biology major who is also a Pre-Vet student. In addition to working in the Office of Admission, I am co-captain of the Varsity Women’s Soccer team (GO FORDS!), a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), co-chair and founder of the Pre-Veterinary Society, and a member of the 2014 Commencement Committee; in short, I LOVE being involved in heaps of activities on campus. Some fun facts about me include that I love watching the Food Network, I can eat an infinite amount of Sour Patch Kids (but only the watermelon kind), and re-read the entire Harry Potter series every other summer. Haverford is such an incredible place and I cannot wait to share my fun adventures with all of you this year!

Sonia GeibelSonia Giebel ’14
Hello! My name is Sonia and I’m an English major with Education and Sociology minors from Seattle. I am a food-fanatic, devoted Deutscher-Fußball-Fan, and call Haverford home after three years in this Philadelphia suburb. As I embark on my senior year, I am relishing my last months as a student and looking forward (somewhat anxiously) to the opportunities that await on the other side graduation. My time here has been enriching in so many ways and really can’t be appreciated through simple statistics and facts; I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share my experiences here, and offer a little more insight as to what makes Haverford, Haverford.

Brandon HenkenBrandon Henken ’16
Welcome to Haverford!  My name is Brandon Henken, and I am a sophomore from Harrisburg, PA.  I am interested in a double major in linguistics and cognitive science. In the Office of Admission, I am a tour guide and a blogger.  On campus, I am a member of the Esperanto Club and a resident of NERD House.  I am also an Undergraduate Fellow at Haverford’s John B. Hurford ’60 Center for the Arts and Humanities, a status conferred to me because I am taking a student-led seminar called The Depths of Fear: Cross-Cultural Consciousness of Sea Monsters in Folklore, Mythology, and Popular Culture.  This past summer, I was a research assistant for a Spanish professor at Haverford, and I worked with a speech pathologist.  Blogging will be a wonderful means to showcase all that Haverford has to offer, and I cannot wait to share my experiences with you.

Damon Motz-StoreyDamon Motz-Storey ’16
Hello! I’m Damon. I’m a sophomore at Haverford from a town called Evergreen near Denver, Colorado. I’m currently pursuing a Mathematics major with an Education minor. I’m a big music lover (I sang in three different choral groups at Haverford during Freshman year!), and I am involved in three different clubs including the student Quaker Community. Some things I love include frozen yogurt, cooking tasty vegetarian food, and going to the movies (all three in one night = AWESOME). Why did I come over 1,700 miles from Denver to Haverford? Because I love the respectful, honest, and compassionate community values that Haverford students uphold on a daily basis. This year I look forward to exploring the worlds of math, teaching, and so much more. I hope to share with you some of the exciting moments through this blog!

Past Bloggers:

Josh Mussa ’13
Hello! My name is Joshua Mussa, Class of 2013. I’m a Religion major with a minor in Africana Studies and a concentration in Gender & Sexuality Studies. I’m an avid reader, (wannabe) gelato connoisseur, and Seattle-area native. Haverford is my home; I’m learning, growing, and laughing here all the time. My most meaningful co-curricular experiences have been with the Customs Program, the Writing Center, Honor Council, and the Board of Managers. I’d love to share my college adventures with you through this blog. Perhaps my stories will help you imagine Haverford as a place you too could call home someday!

Samara FlugSamara Flug ’15
Hi! I’m Samara, a sophomore from New York City, and a History major and Education minor. Outside of class, I play for Haverford’s women’s squash team as well as our women’s ultimate team, called the Sneetches. I have also served on Honor Council for a year and a half and am part of our orientation program, Customs, as an Honor Code Orienteer. Haverford has so much to offer and I can’t wait to write about all of our big events, exciting classes, and the day-to-day things in between!

Allison Martinez-Davis ’13
Hey guys! I’m Allison and I’m a junior from Pasadena, California. I’m a Political Science major, an Anthropology minor, and concentrating in Peace, Justice, and Human Rights. Here at Haverford, I play on the women’s varsity soccer team, work in the Admission Office, and am on the Student Events Committee.

3 Fun Facts:

  1. If I could, I would go to Starbucks every morning before class.
  2. Before coming to Haverford, I thought it was cold when it was 70 degrees outside.
  3. I am secretly obsessed with the Food Network and the show Cupcake Wars.

Franklyn Cantor ’12
I’m a History of Art major and a Political Science minor, and my home is only five or six miles from campus! I love being involved on campus, and have been a part of Students’ Council (Co-President,
Co-Vice President, Treasurer), our freshman orientation program (Customs), and a number of committees on campus. I’m not athletic, but I love professional sports, and my friends and I love to play 
intramural sports together! I love iced tea, ice cream (particularly chocolate chip or cookie dough) and have an undying passion for striped shirts! I’m really happy to be able to blog for the Admission
 Office and share the experiences and perspectives that have made Haverford such an amazing place for me.


Hannah Solomon-Strauss '12Hannah Solomon-Strauss ’12
I am a senior political science major at Haverford, originally from Chicago. At Haverford I work in Admission and I have rowed on the crew team. My interest in politics started with a high school career in Model UN and this summer I worked as a research assistant at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in downtown Philadelphia. As you might guess, I love to talk (and have a lot of practice), and I especially love to talk about Haverford, so I’m very excited to be chatting with you all about Haverford, or anything else!