Spring has Sprung (?!)

Although the weather here has yet to catch up with the Spring Equinox, it is in fact spring on campus, and more specifically one of my favorite times of year at Haverford. As a senior this spring semester brings a lot of exciting things to look forward to: graduation (duh), thesis completion (maybe too soon?), senior week, Haverfest, and a whole bunch of other lovely events. However one of my FAVORITE events started this past Sunday, March 23rd. “What is this awesome event, Sophie?” you may be asking right now as you read my blog post. Well wonderful reader, that event is known as water tag, and it is the best.

Water tag is an event hosted by FAB (Fords Against Boredom) that occurs every spring. The way the game works is you sign up by contacting FAB, they assign you a target, and you seek that individual out while simultaneously avoiding the individual who is hunting you. In order to “eliminate” your target you must get him/her wet using water only. This can be achieved by using water bottles, water guns, buckets for the brave (and ambitious). If it holds water, you can use it. Once you have “tagged” your target, you inherit their target and the cycle continues until the last man, or woman!, is standing. The last remaining person wins $250 while the person with the most tags wins $150. A large number of campus participates in water tag so if you visit campus and see students running from building to building, now you know why!

Personally I have yet to make it past two days into the competition, so this year I am hoping I can increase my streak to at least three days. My freshman year was probably my most favorite, and embarrassing, year of water tag so far. I play on the Varsity Women’s Soccer team here at Haverford and was walking from the Gardner Integrated Athletic Center to practice carrying a ball bag on my back. As I was walking to our practice field, I noticed a student walking out of the trees carrying a water bottle. I thought to myself, “Oh wow! That kid must have just enjoyed a nice walk on the Nature Trail, good for him!” Suddenly we made eye contact and he started sprinting in my direction. My thoughts immediately were “Oh! I guess he’s going for a run now! Good for him!” That was until I realized he was running towards me! So of course by this point I’ve put two and two together and realize that I’m his target, so I start sprinting to the practice soccer field (as this was a designated safe zone). As I’m running, the balls are falling out of the bag on my back and I couldn’t care. All I know is that I need to make it to the field to be safe. Let’s just say that regardless of my athletic ability, my pursuer caught up to me and consequently poured water on my arm. That was it. I was out. Although I was slightly angry that I had been caught, I couldn’t be too mad at this student as they a.) snuck up on me pretty impressively and b.) helped me to collect the loose soccer balls. From that moment on, however, I knew this student as water tag boy. I never learned your real name, water tag boy, but I hope you’re off in the world doing something grand (maybe you’ve put your skills to use and are a spy, who knows?!).

Long story short, water tag is awesome and I am so excited it’s that time of year now! As this semester is half way over, and with graduation quickly approaching for the seniors, I know that I most certainly am taking advantage of all the great things Haverford has to offer before I graduate. I hope I can share some fun stories about water tag next time I blog, but until then, cheers!