Food for Thought

November has been stuffed — with essays, thesis deadlines, and fellowship applications — and it’s been a little crazy (for you all, ED deadlines!). But it’s also been stuffed with some awesome outings.  Last Friday, I led a group of 40 students into Philadelphia for a cooking class at Reading Terminal Market — and oh how satisfying it was!

Before I get to the juicy details, I should explain FAB. FAB stands for Fords Against Boredom and is a student-run club that organizes on and off-campus events for the entire community. We run movies, organize Quizzo nights (this year featured a special “Beat the Librarians” round), provide tickets to Phillies and 76ers games, and most recently, acquired 40 FREE tickets to the Kanye West concert! All of the events are totally free for students, actually. Sweet deal.

I’ve been a member of FAB since my sophomore year, and this semester, this cooking adventure was my brain child. We arrived at Reading Terminal Market to find a pristine kitchen ready for us:

photo 2


That didn’t last too long though, as we soon all got our hands dirty making fresh fettucini, bruschetta, chicken piccata, citrus salad, and roasted zucchini. It’s always been a goal of mine to make pasta from scratch, and I have to say, there are few things more satisfying than seeing some beautiful fresh pasta strands emerge from the pasta cutter and knowing you created them. Lovely.

Pasta time!

Pasta time!

photo 3

Fast forward a few hours and voila, our finished meal:



The night ended with some pumpkin ricotta mousse, and everyone went home with a full belly, some new friends, and feeling reinvigorated to take on the work for the following week.

The next couple of weeks remain very full, but I’m feeling energized and motivated to get through it all. Now it’s just a week and a half until Thanksgiving! I’ll be headed up to upstate NY to visit some family and indulge all over again. Happy (early) Turkey day everyone!