Music Musings and More

By Damon Motz-Storey

The first month of the new semester is nearing its close, and things are starting to feel settled at the ‘Ford.  The Class of 2017 is getting their bearings and integrating into the Haverford community by putting down their roots in classes, clubs, and organizations.  Fall colors are beginning to tease the tips of the campus treetops and the air is turning clear and crisp.

For me, the new semester is all about new perspectives.  Sophomore year means getting a fresh look at the campus that I know and love, while simultaneously getting to see the freshman class climb the ropes that I very recently scaled.  Classes are getting past the intro level and into challenging and rewarding new dimensions.  And for me, a math major, sometimes I’m literally learning about new dimensions!

In my all-male a cappella group, the Humtones, we are rehearsing our new repertoire and teaching our group’s traditions to our four new enthusiastic members.  I’m helping plan our group’s Fall Tour, and since there are so many colleges and universities within a two-hour drive from Haverford, we’re getting very excited by the possibilities of collaborating with other East Coast a cappella aficionados!  For me, music has been one of the fastest and truest ways of forming bonds of friendship at Haverford.  My group is planning to sing with several of the many other a cappella groups at Haverford over the course of the semester.

And speaking of music, I’ve been enjoying getting the chance to explore the music scene in Philadelphia in recent weeks.  Last week, I saw Vampire Weekend and Sky Ferreira performing on the Skyline Stage of the Mann Center.  It was only a 15-minute drive from campus, and the view was incredible!

The Mann Center in Philadelphia.  That’s me on the left, along with two friends from Haverford: Sarah Moses ’16 in the center, and Nyrah Madon ’16 on the right.

vamp weekend


vamp weekend 2

Being so close to Philly means that there are lots of opportunities to see famous artists like Vampire Weekend. Philadelphia has a big arts scene with lots of galleries, museums, and concert venues like the Skyline Stage (above).

Anyway, the semester is off to a good start, and I’m feeling excited for the new experiences that lay ahead.  This year, I’m living on a freshman hall as a Customs Person, so I’m getting to know a handful of the Class of 2017 in a really unique way.  I can tell that they’re going to be a really accomplished class, and I can’t wait to see what they, and the rest of my peers in the Haverford community, do in the year to come!

Until next time!