Life After Haverford

Who knew there was such a thing as life after Haverford…For the first 18 years of your life you are preparing to go to college, that is the obvious next step in life. You go to elementary school, then middle school, then high school, and then college. But here is the kicker, after college there is no universal next step. Everyone does something a little different and goes in a different direction. I have finally figured out my next step…AH. Starting in August I will be going to Georgetown University for graduate school to get my Masters Degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Last May I came to the conclusion that I wanted to go to graduate school and began this graduate school search process. The first step I took was to meet with the CDO (Career Development Office), which is wonderful, and they helped me formulate a list of programs and schools that interested me and I began my search process, just like all of you did at first.

After visiting schools and getting a feel for what it really was I wanted to study and where I wanted to go to school I turned to my professors. With the help of numerous faculty members, my advisors, and my professors, I was given guidance throughout this entire process and was always supported. The student to faulty ratio here at Haverford is 8:1, and let me tell you, the professors here really get to know you. I was able to meet with professors who knew everything about me and were really able to give me informed advice about where to go to graduate school based on what they knew about me. I had a strong support system to get me through this process and never felt alone.

Here I am nearly a year later after beginning this journey making a decision about where to go next. It is stressful even for me so I understand how all of you must feel right now. But, I really think I have made the right decision and I am trusting my gut. It is really hard for me to believe that I only have a few short weeks left at Haverford and am a little jealous of all of you who are about to embark on the journey to college. While I am super excited for my next step and getting the opportunity to go to graduate school to pursue what I am truly passionate about, leaving Haverford will probably be one of the hardest things I have ever done.