Finals Week Fun

To most students, the words “finals week” set off reactions of fear and anxiety. While final week is a time of papers, tests, and getting to know the library very well, this year I’ve been noticing all the little things around campus that make finals, well, pretty fun.

FAB, or Fords Against Boredom, is the club on campus largely responsible for the excitement of finals.  Every year, for nearly every day of finals, they throw a fun event that provides a well-deserved study break for everyone on campus. The first event, held on Sunday night, is the infamous “Midnight Breakfast.” At midnight, FAB opens the dining center and, with the deans, serves eggs, bacon, French toast, coffee, fruit, and bagels to any hungry students who want to come for a break or revitalization. Perhaps one of the most popular finals week events, the line was out the door but was most definitely worth the wait before heading back to the library. In addition to the deans’ participation in Midnight Breakfast, they also make the rounds to all of the libraries and study spots on campus handing out candy.

The second FAB event, which I went to last night, was “Ben & Jerry’s Bingo.” FAB orders an enormous supply of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, of a huge variety flavors. Students can come grab some ice cream, stay for bingo, and potentially win gift-cards to several off-campus favorites, such as Wawa, Kiwi Frozen Yogurt, Brueggers Bagels, and Milk Boy café.

Tonight is the last of FAB finals week events, but definitely not the least. At 11:30 tonight, FAB will take 50 hungry students to Philadelphia on a Philly cheesesteak run. They provide a bus that goes straight into Center City where students can buy cheesesteaks before coming back to Haverford after their midnight adventure.

These events, however, only represent the tip of the finals iceberg. Our Office of Academic Resources has extended their hours so students can use their study rooms as well provided study break opportunities, such as holiday card making. Tonight, they are hosting a “Willy Wonka Chocolate Extravaganza,” including make your own s’mores.  On another chocolaty note, another club just made their rounds around the library giving out free cookies and candy canes to anyone in need of a pick-me-up. Earlier today, our mindfulness club, HaverMinds, threw a “De-Stress with Dogs” event in conjunction with Haverford’s Pre-Veterinarian club, where they brought dogs from a local shelter to campus for students to play with throughout the day. And tonight, my friend made coffee for me at her carrel in the library when we both were gearing up for a study session. It struck me tonight, in thinking about all of these events and activities on campus, that both students and faculty take the time this week to make sure that everyone has a positive finals week. The self-scheduled exam times, meant to accommodate everyone’s schedules, and professor’s extended office hours this week also make it easier for students to manage their schedules and access the resources they need before going in to take a test. As I received my free candy cane to aid me in my history studying, I realized that it’s the little things this week—encouragement from a friend or a warm cookie—that make finals a way to close out the semester with your friends before heading home for the holidays.