Holiday Decorating

This year we started classes a week later than usual, while that meant summer was a tad bit longer, it also means we do not get out for winter break until December 21. Given the fact that we will all have such a short time at home before Christmas (3 days), my roommates and I decided to decorate our common room to make it feel like home!

Over Thanksgiving break we all planned to bring in as many decorations as we could fit in our suitcases back to Haverford with us…the result was the creation of a winter wonderland in our common room. While 2/3rds of our housing on campus is singles, that doesn’t mean Haverford is trying to isolate us, it means that we have our own space, but also these awesome common rooms that we can all share. It is the place where we can all hang out, relax, watch TV, and avoid homework ha-ha.

I currently live with 5 other seniors (and a hamster named Barry) who actually all lived in my Customs Group with me freshmen year. We decided to start and end our college experience together. So last week we all came together and went on a decorating spree. We put up lights, a tree, cut out snowflakes, and put out nutcrackers. Now every time I come home from a long day I get to sit in my wonderfully Christmas decorated common room and I couldn’t ask for more.