4 Years in the Making…

On November 4, our Women’s Soccer Team became the Centennial Conference CHAMPIONS for the first time since 1995 and for the second time in history of the program. They upset the powerhouse for the past 5 years Johns Hopkins University 2-1. I was unable to go to the game since Baltimore is quite a trek from Haverford for someone without a car, but I, along with 5 other friends, streamed the game live in the new study room in Kim Dorm on the big screen TV. When they won…I started balling, tears were everywhere. It was a true demonstration of what my best friends have been working for over the past four years.

I played soccer at Haverford for my first two years and being a student-athlete here is a truly amazing and wonderful experience. I remember meeting my 5 best friends on the first day of preseason in August 2009, geeze its already 2012. We were the 5 freshmen. We were terrified. But within a day, I had made a group of friends who would stick with me throughout my 4 years at Haverford. When they won, it was amazing to see my best friends accomplish a goal they had been fighting to achieve for four years.

The story gets better… not only did the girls win, but so did our men’s team. Haverford Men’s Soccer also became the Conference Champions on November 4th for the first time in program history.

This past weekend Haverford hosted the NCAA Regional Playoff Tournament for the women; rounds 1 and 2 were played on Walton Field. The men’s regional tournament was played at Arcadia University. On Saturday the women’s team played MIT and the number of fans at the game was incredible. Alumni, students, parents, and faculty were everywhere. People flew across the country. The stadium was packed. The cheering was out of control. Later that afternoon, the fan bus took about one hundred students to Arcadia where the men were playing. Not only did the fans travel to cheer the women on at Haverford, but they also traveled to Arcadia to cheer on the men.

It was a true demonstration of the community that exists at Haverford. Our Honor Code says that Haverford is a community, but oftentimes people will ask me on tours…well is this true? Trust me it is. This weekend was a true representation of those connections that exist between our students, our alumni, and our facility. When something is important to a group of us, we all go out to support them. Could you ask for more?